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A. Research monographs:

B. Further co-authored books:

  • Bieler, Andreas, Werner Bonefeld, Peter Burnham and Adam David Morton (2006) Global Restructuring, State, Capital and Labour: Contesting neo-Gramscian Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave. PP.1-237. ISBN 1-4039-9232-0. [Sample chapter]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Ingemar Lindberg (2006) Blågult fack och gränslöst kapital – vägval för svensk fackföreningsrörelse. Stockholm: Premiss. PP. 1-59. ISBN 9185343242. [Title in English: Blue-yellow unions and borderless capital – a choice of roads for the union movement in Sweden.]

C. Co-edited books:

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