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Articles in refereed journals:

  • Bieler, Andreas and Jamie Jordan (2017) ‘Commodification and “the commons”: The politics of privatising public water in Greece and Portugal during the Eurozone Crisis’, European Journal of International Relations, online first: https://doi.org/10.1177/1354066117728383; accessed 28/09/2017.
  • Bieler, Andreas (2017) ‘Fighting for Public Water: The first successful European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Water and Sanitation are a Human Right’, Interface: a journal for and about social movements, Vol.9/1: 300-26.
  • Bieler, Andreas and Chun-Yi Lee (2017) ‘Exploitation and Resistance: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Cheap Labour Electronics and High-Value Added IT Sectors’, Globalizations, Vol.14/2: 202-15.
  • Bieler, Andreas, Sümercan Bozkurt, Max Crook, Peter Cruttenden, Ertan Erol, Adam David Morton, Cemal Burak Tansel and Elif Uzgören (2016) ‘The Enduring Relevance of Rosa Luxemburg’s The Accumulation of Capital’, Journal of International Relations and Development, Vol.19/3: 420-47. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2015) ‘”Sic Vos Non Vobis” (For You, But Not Yours): The struggle for public water in Italy’, Monthly Review, Vol.67/5: 35-50. [download]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2015) ‘Axis of Evil or Access to Diesel?: Spaces of New Imperialism and the Iraq War’, Historical Materialism, Vol.23/2: 94-130.
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2014) ‘Uneven and combined development and unequal exchange: the second wind of neoliberal “free trade”?’, Globalizations, Vol.11/1: 35-45.[link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2014) ‘Transnational Labour Solidarity in (the) Crisis’, Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/2: 114-33 [download].
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2013/14) ‘The Will-O’-The-Wisp of the Transnational State’, Journal of Australian Political Economy, No.72 (Summer 2013/14), 23-51.[download]
  • Bergholm, Tapio and Andreas Bieler (2013) ‘Globalisation and the erosion of the Nordic model: A Swedish – Finnish comparison’, European Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.19/1: 55-70. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2013) ‘The EU, Global Europe and processes of uneven and combined development: the problem of transnational labour solidarity’, Review of International Studies, Vol.39/1: 161-83.[Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2012a) ‘“Workers of the world, unite?” Globalisation and the quest for transnational solidarity’, Globalizations, Vol.9/3: 365-78. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2012b) ‘Small Nordic Countries and Globalisation: Analysing Norwegian exceptionalism’, Competition and Change, Vol.16/3: 224-42. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2011) ‘Labour, new social movements and the resistance to neo-liberal restructuring in Europe’, New Political Economy, Vol.16/2: 163-83. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2010) ‘Az európai munkásság reakciója a globalizáció, a neoliberális átalakulás és a növekvő egyenlőtlenség jelenségeire’ (Globalisation, neo-liberal restructuring and rising inequality: the response of European labour), Eszmélet, Vol.85 (Spring): 48-70.
  • Bieler, Andreas, Ingemar Lindberg and Werner Sauerborn (2010) ‘After thirty years of deadlock: labour’s possible strategies in the new global order’, Globalizations, Vol.7/1-2: 247-60. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas, Ian Bruff and Adam David Morton (2010) ‘Acorns and Fruit: from totalisation to periodisation in the critique of capitalism’, Capital & Class, Vol.34/1: 25-37. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2008a) ‘Labour and the Struggle over the future European model of capitalism: British and Swedish trade unions and their positions on EMU and European co-operation’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.10/1: 85-105. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2008b) ‘Trade unions and European integration: theoretical and empirical considerations’, Labor History, Vol.49/1: 118-23.
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2008) ‘The Deficits of Discourse in ipe: turning base metal into gold?’, International Studies Quarterly, Vol.52/1: 103-28. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2007) ‘Der Kampf für ein soziales Europa: Gewerkschaften und die neoliberale Umstrukturierung der Europäischen Union’, Kurswechsel, No.1: 6-15.
  • Bieler, Andreas (2006) ‘Labour and the Resistance to Neoliberal Restructuring’, Labor History, Vol.47/1: 95-101.
  • Bieler, Andreas (2005a) ‘Class Struggle over the EU Model of Capitalism: Neo-Gramscian Perspectives and the Analysis of European Integration’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Vol.8/4: 513-26. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2005b) ‘European Integration and the Transnational Restructuring of Social Relations: the Emergence of Labour as a Regional Actor?’, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol.43/3: 461-84. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2004a) ‘A Critical Theory Route to Hegemony, World Order and Historical Change: neo-Gramscian Perspectives in International Relations’, Capital & Class, No.82: 85-113. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2004b) ‘“Another Europe is Possible”? Labour and social movements at the European Social Forum’, Globalizations, Vol.1/2: 303-25. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2003a) ‘Swedish trade unions and Economic and Monetary Union: the European Union membership debate revisited?’, Cooperation and Conflict, Vol.38/4: 385-407. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2003b) ‘Labour, Neo-liberalism and the Conflict over Economic and Monetary Union: a comparative analysis of British and German trade unions’, German Politics, Vol.12/2: 24-44. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2003) ‘Globalisation, the State and Class Struggle: A ‘Critical Economy’ Engagement with Open Marxism’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.5/4: 467-99. [Link] [Word document]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2002) ‘The Struggle over EU Enlargement: a historical materialist analysis of European integration’, Journal of European Public Policy, Vol.9/4: 575-97. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2001) ‘The Gordian Knot of Agency-Structure in International Relations: A neo-Gramscian Perspective’, European Journal of International Relations, Vol.7/1: 5-35. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2001) ‘Questioning Cognitivism and Constructivism in IR Theory: Reflections on the Material Structure of Ideas’, Politics, Vol.21/2: 93-100. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (2000) ‘Globalisation and the 1995 EU enlargement: a neo-Gramscian perspective’, Current Politics and Economics of Europe, Vol.9/2: 215-30.
  • Bieler, Andreas (1999) ‘Globalisation, Swedish trade unions and European integration: from Europhobia to conditional support’, Cooperation and Conflict, Vol.34/1: 21-46. [Link]
  • Bieler, Andreas (1998) ‘Austria’s application to the EC: a neo-Gramscian case study of European integration’, New Political Economy, Vol.3/1: 27-43. [Link]

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