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Research Projects

I am currently involved in the following three research projects all situated within the broader area of global restructuring and resistance:

A. Small European States in the Global Economy: Divergence or Convergence?

The main purpose of this research project is to provide a comparative assessment of small European states in today’s global economy and to assess whether they continue to have a distinctive approach of how to respond to economic change or whether they too have converged around a neo-liberal economic-political model. The project will include an analysis of Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

To date the following two articles have been published in this area:

Bergholm, Tapio and Andreas Bieler (2013) ‘Globalisation and the erosion of the Nordic model: A Swedish – Finnish comparison’, European Journal of Industrial Relations, Vol.19: forthcoming.

Bieler, Andreas (2012) ‘Small Nordic Countries and Globalisation: Analysing Norwegian exceptionalism’, Competition and Change, Vol.16/3: 224-42. [Link]

B. ‘Global Capitalism, Class Struggle and World Order: Rethinking Historical Materialism’ (together with Adam David Morton):

Adam David Morton and I are currently working towards a new book that aims to rethink the contributions of historical materialism to understanding global capitalism in terms of transnational restructuring and the centrality of class struggle in constituting and contesting world order. The project includes an engagement with recent conceptual developments in IR theory as well as the analysis of key empirical developments such as the rise of China, the Arab uprisings and the Eurozone crisis.

For currently available and published work on this project, see:

  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2015) ‘Axis of Evil or Access to Diesel?: Spaces of New Imperialism and the Iraq War’, Historical Materialism, forthcoming.
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2013/14) ‘The Will-O’-The-Wisp of the Transnational State’, Journal of Australian Political Economy, No.72 (Summer 2013/14), 23-51.[Download]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2008) ‘The Deficits of Discourse in IPE: turning base metal into gold?’, International Studies Quarterly, Vol.52/1: 103-28. [Download]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2004) ‘“Another Europe is Possible”? Labour and social movements at the European Social Forum’, Globalizations, Vol.1/2: 303-25. [Download]
  • Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2003) ‘Globalisation, the State and Class Struggle: A ‘Critical Economy’ Engagement with Open Marxism’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.5/4: 467-99. [Download]
  • Andreas Bieler and Adam David Morton (2001) ‘The Gordian Knot of Agency-Structure in International Relations: A neo-Gramscian Perspective’, European Journal of International Relations, Vol.7/No. 1: 5-35.

C. Trade unions, free trade and the problem of transnational solidarity.

This project is the final part of a trilogy on trade unions, global restructuring and the problem of how to establish relations of solidarity between different labour movements across borders. This particular project looks at trade unions’ different positions on free trade agreements and analyses the possibilities for transnational solidarity despite the various labour movements’ rather different location within the global economy.

A workshop on this topic was held at Nottingham University on 2 and 3 of December 2011 and the papers can be accessed on the workshop website. Moreover, together with Bruno Ciccaglione, John Hilary and Ingemar Lindberg I co-edited the special issue of the academic journal Globalizations, Vol.11/1 (2014), which was also published as

  • Bieler, Andreas, Bruno Ciccaglione, John Hilary and Ingemar Lindberg (eds.) (2014) Free Trade and Transnational Labour. London: Routledge. [link]

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