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Research Supervision

My general expertise is in the area of International Relations/International Political Economy theories and the analysis of issues in the area of globalisation and regionalisation, the political economy and integration of the European Union as well as resistance to neoliberal globalisation with a particular emphasis on the possible role of trade unions. I welcome enquiries by prospective research students in these areas. More specifically, I invite Ph.D. applications for the following five research topics:

  • Public sector restructuring in Europe and trade unions: what future model of capitalism for the EU?;
  • Resistance to neo-liberal restructuring in Europe: an analysis of the increasing cooperation between trade unions and social movements;
  • Transnational solidarity, trade unions and the organisation of informal workers.

Ph.D. students:

Supervision as first supervisor of successfully completed Ph.D. theses

  • Görkem Altinörs – ‘Togetherness of Minarets and Golden Arches: State, Capital, Resistance and Neo-liberalism in Turkey’ (completed in September 2016).
  • Hang Chao – ‘Regional Integration in Latin America: Argentina, Brazil and the case of Mercosur’ (completed in November 2007);
  • Max Crook – ‘State Autonomy and the Rise and Fall of British Social Democracy’ (completed in November 2014);
  • Ertan Erol – ‘Capitalist spatiality in the periphery: regional integration projects in Mexico and Turkey’ (completed in November 2012);
  • Jamie Jordan – ‘Global Restructuring and Resistance in an Age of Austerity: A Critical Political Economy Approach to the Eurozone Crisis in Greece and Portugal’ (completed in May 2017);
  • Phoebe Moore – ‘South Korea’s Passive Revolution: Vocational Training, Global Restructuring and the Struggle for Hegemony’ (completed in December 2004);
  • Peter Sandby-Thomas – ‘The Legitimating Logic of Stability: Analysing the CCP’s Stability Discourse’ (completed in May 2008);
  • Kostas Tzortzis – ‘The development of a common education policy in the EU’ (completed in October 2007);
  • Elif Uzgören ‘Globalisation, the European Union and Turkey: Rethinking the Struggle over Hegemony’ (completed in July 2012).
  • Vera Weghmann – ‘Employability and the Rise of Unpaid Work: Organising in the No-Wage Economy’ (completed in September 2017).

Supervision as second supervisor of successfully completed Ph.D. theses

  • Javier Argomaniz – ‘Post-9/11 European Union Counter-terrorism: Institutionalisation and Consistency’ (completed in November 2008);
  • Chris Hesketh – ‘Spaces of Capital/Spaces of Resistance: Mexico and the global political economy’ (completed in November 2010);
  • Anisa Santoso – ‘Migrant Workers Policy Making in ASEAN: a Two Level Analysis on Key Workers Sending Countries’ (completed in November 2012);
  • Cemal Burak Tansel – ‘Rethinking State Formation in Turkey: A Historical Materialist Analysis’ (completed in August 2015).

Current Ph.D. students

  • Akif Avci – ‘The Shift in Turkish Foreign Trade Policy and the Changing Relationship between Turkish Business Associations and the State during the AKP era’ (registered full time since September 2015, first supervisor);
  • Pei May Lee – Assessing Chinese development in the global economy (registered full time since September 2014; first supervisor);
  • Egni Malo – ‘Gramsci and neo-Gramscian schloarship in the shadows of leftist tradition: to what purpose?’ (registered part time since September 2015, first supervisor);
  • Ozgun Tursun – Rethinking the Decline of Hegemony: historical comparison between British belle époque and American longue durée (registered full time since September 2014; second supervisor).
  • Jokubas Salyga – ‘The political economy of the Baltic states’ post-communist development: A critical revisiting’ (registered full time since September 2015; first supervisor).
  • Kayhan Valadbaygi – ‘Globalisation in the Periphery: Neo-Liberal Restructuring in Iran’ (registered full time since September 2015; first supervisor).

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