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Sample Lectures

Here are three written-up sample lectures, part of my teaching portfolio:


1. The Anarchy Problematique and Sovereignty: Neo-Realism and State Power (last updated on 11 January 2014).

This lecture introduces and discusses critically the mainstream IR theory of (neo-) realism.


2. Globalisation, Trade and Resistance (last updated on 11 January 2014).

This lecture discusses the qualitative changes in international trade policy as part of globalisation and analyses three different ways of understanding globalisation and resistance, i.e. neo-realism, liberalism and neo-Gramscian historical materialism.


3. Free Trade and the Puzzle of Development (last updated on 11 January 2014).

This lecture critically engages with the liberal claim that free trade is an excellent way towards development and discusses various attempts of resisting the expanded free trade agenda, including now also intellectual property rights, services and investment.

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