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Book publications:

Bieler, Andreas, Robert O’Brien and Karin Pampallis (eds.) (2016) Challenging Corporate Capital: Creating an Alternative to Neo-liberalismJohannesburg: Chris Hani Institute. PP.1-72. ISBN 978-0-620-70457-1.

Bieler, Andreas (2006) The Struggle for a Social Europe: Trade unions and EMU in times of global restructuring. Manchester: Manchester University Press. PP.1-254. ISBN 0-7190-7252-2. Read a sample chapter

Bieler, Andreas, Werner Bonefeld, Peter Burnham and Adam David Morton (2006) Global Restructuring, State, Capital and Labour: Contesting neo-Gramscian Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave. PP.1-237. ISBN 1-4039-9232-0. Read a sample chapter

Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (eds) (2001) Social Forces in the Making of the ‘New Europe’: the restructuring of European social relations in the global political economy. Basingstoke: Palgrave. PP.1-243. ISBN 0-333-91321-3. Read a sample chapter

Bieler, Andreas (2000) Globalisation and Enlargement of the European Union: Austrian and Swedish Social Forces in the Struggle over Membership. London/New York: Routledge. PP.1-196. ISBN 0-415-21312-6. Read a sample chapter


Refereed journal articles:

Bieler, Andreas (2017) ‘Fighting for Public Water: The first successful European Citizens’ Initiative ‘Water and Sanitation are a Human Right’, Interface: a journal for and about social movements, Vol.9/1: 300-26.

Bieler, Andreas and Chun-Yi Lee (2017) ‘Exploitation and Resistance: A Comparative Analysis of the Chinese Cheap Labour Electronics and High-Value Added IT Sectors’, Globalizations, Vol.14/2: 202-15.

Bieler, Andreas (2015) ‘“Sic Vos Non Vobis” (For You, But Not Yours): The struggle for public water in Italy’, Monthly Review, Vol.67/5: 35-50. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2015) ‘Class struggle in times of crisis: conceptualising agency of resistance’, Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies, Vol.7/1: 19-31. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2014) ‘Transnational Labour Solidarity in (the) Crisis’, Global Labour Journal, Vol.5/2: 114-33 [Download].

Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2013/14) ‘The Will-O’-The-Wisp of the Transnational State’, Journal of Australian Political Economy, No.72: 23-51. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2011) ‘Labour, new social movements and the resistance to neo-liberal restructuring in Europe’, New Political Economy, Vol.16/2: 163-83. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas, Ingemar Lindberg and Werner Sauerborn (2010) ‘After thirty years of deadlock: labour’s possible strategies in the new global order’, Globalizations, Vol.7/1-2: 247-60. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2008) ‘The Deficits of Discourse in IPE: turning base metal into gold?’, International Studies Quarterly, Vol.52/1: 103-28. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2008) ‘Labour and the Struggle over the future European model of capitalism: British and Swedish trade unions and their positions on EMU and European co-operation’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.10/1: 85-105. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2005) ‘European Integration and the Transnational Restructuring of Social Relations: the Emergence of Labour as a Regional Actor?’, Journal of Common Market Studies, Vol.43/3: 461-84. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2004) ‘“Another Europe is Possible”? Labour and social movements at the European Social Forum’, Globalizations, Vol.1/2: 303-25. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas and Adam David Morton (2003) ‘Globalisation, the State and Class Struggle: A ‘Critical Economy’ Engagement with Open Marxism’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, Vol.5/4: 467-99. [Download]



Bieler, Andreas (2015) ‘From “Free Trade” to “Fair Trade”: Proposals for joint labour demands towards an alternative trade regime’, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung – Southern Africa; available at http://www.rosalux.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Bieler-Futures-Commission-02_2015.pdf; accessed 04/01/2016.

Bieler, Andreas (2013) ‘Global Corporations, Trade and Investment: Free Trade to Fair Trade?, paper presented a the first meeting of the Futures Commission on Alternatives to Neoliberalism; Johannesburg/South Africa, 24 and 25 June. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2012) ‘Who is in Charge? Democracy versus Technocracy – The limits of democratic representation within a globalized economy’, paper presented at the second Greek Public Policy Forum ‘No Country for Old Systems? Democracy, Technocracy, and the Markets’; University of Nottingham, 17 March 2012. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2009a) ‘Trade unions and the World and European Social Forums: a move towards social movement unionism?’, Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice Working Paper Series, No.7. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2009b) Gewerkschaften, Soziale Bewegungen und Europa: neue Strategien für neue Herausforderungen in Zeiten der Globalisierung? Vortrag für die Konferenz Ein Anderes Europa Schaffen! Vorschläge für ein soziales, ökologisches und demokratisches Europa; Wien/Austria, 5 May. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2008a) ‘Transnational solidarity or conflict? Trade unions and neo-liberal restructuring in Europe’, CSSGJ Working Paper Series, No.1 (August 2008). [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2008b) Podiumsdiskussion ‘Brennpunkt Neoliberalismus: Analyse einer globalen Lüge’: Soziale Perspektive – Arbeit, Gewerkschaften, transnationale Solidarität; Attac Sommerakademie 2008; Steyr/Austria, 16 – 20 July. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2008c) The European Social Forum in Malmö, 17 to 21 September 2008: further steps of resistance to neo-liberal globalisation? Paper presented at the Roundtable on the ESF – Hotbed of resistance or inconsequential talking-shop? in the Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice, University of Nottingham/UK; 13 October. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2007a) ‘Labour at the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi/Kenya’. [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2007b) ‘Humanities Research Centre twilight talk: Is interdisciplinarity an imperative in tackling global issues?’ [Download]

Bieler, Andreas (2006) ‘What Future Union? The Struggle for a Social Europe’; paper presented at the workshop Concepts of the European Social Model in Vienna/Austria, 9 June 2006. [Download]

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